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Services Overview


Service measured in sincerity and integrity.

Caliper strives to provide services that save time and money in the schedule of new construction and the on-going operation of a facility. With proper inspection before, during and after fabrication we can detect non-conformances. We can also monitor the progress of equipment during manufacture to ensure prompt and proper deliveries. This means more value for your dollars spent on vendors.

Caliper is also happy to provide the flexibility of contract personnel to meet peak loads or project requirements dependant on your goals, objectives and budget.
tick icon One time, one visit basis
tick iconOne order, multi-visit basis
tick icon Multi-order, multi-visit basis
tick icon Supply management and staff to provide all vendor inspection and expedition for a particular project
tick iconSecondary staff to work under clients direct supervision
tick iconQuality and welding consulting




safety first

Proper inspection can save time and money while, most importantly, increasing safety. We inspect all of the following:
tick icon ASME Fabricated Pipe to B31.3, 5, 7
tick icon Coating (NACE)
tick icon Compressor (recip.)
tick iconElectric Motors
tick iconEngines (diesel & natural gas)
tick iconFired Heaters
tick icon Generators
tick icon Instrumentation
tick icon Motor Control Centres
tick icon Pipe Line
tick iconPumping Units
tick iconSwitchgear
tick iconPressure Vessels
tick iconSteel Fabrication
tick iconTransformers
tick icon Boilers
tick icon Compressor (centri.)
tick icon Control Panels
tick iconElectrical
tick iconExchangers
tick iconGear Sets
tick icon HVAC
tick icon Lube Oil Systems
tick iconValving


Quality Control


multi faceted Quality Control

Our quality control services include the development of new programs, the management of existing programs, and follow-up inspection of implemented programs. The following list summarizes the many facets of Caliper’s quality control services:
tick icon Develop quality control program and manuals
tick icon Audit quality control programs
tick icon Manage and operate project vendor inspection and expediting services
tick icon Prepare inspection procedures
tick icon Assist in implementation of quality control programs
tick iconPrepare vendor inspection and expediting project procedures
tick iconPrepare inspection plans for equipment and material
tick iconPerform pre-award vendor surveys




integrity matched with execution excellence

At Caliper, we are happy to coordinate all of the following activities between vendor and client as well as report on expediting activities. When required, we will make recommendations for corrective action.
tick iconDrawings, procedures, documentation
tick icon Production activities
tick icon Purchasing and delivery of material
tick icon Packing and Marking




Specialized Experience

Our specialized experience is often called upon to consult in the following areas:
tick icon Project management
tick icon Development and testing of specialized welding procedures
tick icon Third Party inspection for insurance claims
tick icon Interpretation of construction and fabrication code requirements
tick icon Development of quality control programs
tick iconSpecialized training in quality control management

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